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I am looking for used Bruce copen MWO Professional Unit for sale, or donation. I have one unit, but I have lost the other part of it (B/CAST unit). Please send your information to the following email: chrishills@freemail.hu (01/13)
Dr Christopher Hills Instrument/Pendulum/Chart
Any kind of radionic or psychotronic instrument, pendulum, chart of Dr. Christopher Hills wanted. Please send you information to the following email: chrishills@freemail.hu (01/13) 
Manual/Instruction Book for a Lafferty Machine
Looking for manual or instruction book for a Lafferty radionics machine.  Please contact me at : edubosc@hotmail.com (01/13) 
Malcolm Rae Cards
Look for Malcolm Rae cards / symbols. Any ideas on where to find welcome. Thanks!! Derek dgerlach@gmail.com (07/13) 
9 Dial Bruce Copen circa 1988
I am looking for a 9 dial, Bruce Copen machine made circa 1988. For sale or donation. Many thanks. Please contact Hans on: m28c12h08@gmail.com (09/13) 

Wanted: Radionic Analytical Computer Copen Mark 5 (MK5) Operating Manual.

This is a 20 dial radionics instrument with a stick pad.

Contact Information is as follows: Karen Wilson email address redwoman@sbcglobal.net. I reside in the Los Angeles, California USA. (01/14) 

SE5 1000

Looking for a secondhand SE5 1000 including computer software, for sale in UK. Please email Alison at crowlander@aol.com (02/14)

Copen Radionic MK12 (for Homoeopath)

(used) Copen Radionic MK12 (for Homoeopath)
contact: frauke_katharina@yahoo.com
frauke_katharina@yahoo.com (02/14)

4 Cards Malcom Rae Simulator Instrument and other radionics instruments

Hello, i am looking for 4 cards malcom rae simulator instrument and other radionics instruments. Contact: Alessandra Previdi: supernatura@tiscali.it (03/14)

Delawarr SER1201

I wish to purchase a Delawarr radionics instrument, model number SER 1201. Please respond to etherdoc@nym.hush.com.(05/14)

Rates for Copen MK12 P/MA


I have a Copen MK12 P/MA

Am looking for the rates on an excel format or word etc to put on my computer.

contact:    martin.distraction@gmail.com


Bruce Copen Equipment

Required Bruce Copen Equipment For Sale.

P G Sheaf

SE-5 1000

Looking for SE-5 1000 Intrinsic Datafield Analyzer, complete with software and accessories.  Please contact: energetix.healing@gmail.com

Copen 6 Slot Multi-Broadcaster

Looking for a 4 or 6 slot Copen multi broadcaster.

Please contact Gay Healy: goilbox@yahoo.ie


RAE Potency Preparer and Kelly Research Instrument

Looking for a RAE Potency Preparer and Kelly Research Instrument.

Please telephone 01526 388685 or email davryn.birks@btinternet.com  with details and cost etc.