The Access One course was well attended with 17 students all keen to learn how to help family and friends by learning how to do an analysis and give a treatment antivirenprogramm kostenlosen vollversion chip. The day started with an introduction to the history of radionics, most of the key moments in its development were in the last century and mention was made of the new technology now available which can be run from your browser, available primarily for laptops and note books like iPad herunterladen. Emphasis was on the key contributors to radionics and how the modern practice evolved. The talk was wonderfully presented by Linda Fellows with the help of an excellent PowerPoint video downloadhelper kostenlos herunterladen.

We were then treated to an introduction to protection which is so very important when working with energy, it was explained that it is essential to prepare for a radionics session by grounding oneself and adopting one or more of the many available techniques to create a shield from negative energies whilst your are working on the clients wellbeing download the fonts. It possible to tailor your protection to suit you and your environment to create a safe place where welcome energies pass freely as is necessary for an analysis and the subsequent treatment hp customer support software and drivers to download. On reflection this part of the morning highlighted how important the work of the practitioner really is and how the wellbeing of the practitioner was as important as the intention being applied or projected towards the client fahrschulcard app herunterladen. For those new to radionic practice, the practitioner uses a few strands of hair or a photo (in the past a drop of blood was commonly used), the connection is established over space and time in an instantaneous fashion musik von youtube auf pc downloaden. The talk on protection and grounding was superbly delivered by Liz Cox.

We were then joined by Jane Loader and four practitioners, who deserve a big thank you for their contributions in helping the students learn how to do an analysis and treatment, Liz Cox, Linda Kinsella, Lara Parsons and Ann Gulliford kostenlose icons downloaden. At this stage we all have to demonstrate that we can dowse over a sample or what many refer to as a witness (we were using hair from our intended family and friends), if you have never tried dowsing then I can assure you it’s a simple enough skill which when the time comes can easily be mastered nationale nederlanden upo downloaden. We all learned from a script what questions to ask to take the analysis, and we continued on to actually dowsing for types of treatments which could then be applied to different aspects of the witnesses physical being both visible and surrounding their bodies , once we had worked out an aspect which needed treatment we then looked up a rate and were able to apply it through a simple device which broadcasts the remedy to the specific area, examples being the aura or chakras or parts of the physical body or systems therein cdburnerxpen. For simplicity the different energy fields around the body are termed etheric, astral and mental and each has a rate as do the remedies and there are many available once you become familiar wit the process, in our class we used rates for Bach remedies in some instances and other rates dependant on whether we were normalising or giving or eliminating or restoring coordination.

It might seem a lot to take in but once you are applying yourself to the process you get into the detail such as whether there has been overstimulation or congestion or an aberration in a subtle body, or perhaps an over active or under active chakra, you might discover a blockage for example. The whole process is a very interesting and I am sure it becomes second nature over time.

The afternoon allowed us to actually refine our skills and give a treatment in radionics.

I would highly recommend this Access course as a vehicle for anyone wishing to be able to heal at a distance, the main criteria are as follows, you must gain permission from the person you wish to help, you must have a witness and be able to dowse over that witness (hair sample being the most common interface) you must then be prepared to follow the schools guidelines to do the analysis and fill in a chart accordingly, then you must review your analysis for deviations and ask questions about your findings, these questions start you on the path to applying treatments through recognised and long established rates which are broadcast parts of the body, chakras and aura of the person who will gain benefit from your skills and intention.

This is my understanding of how the course run by the school can help anyone Interested in helping family and friend, hopefully none reading this will understand how we can easily start to restore the balance to those in a state of imbalance and possibly affected by that imbalance resulting in symptoms of ill health or unease perhaps physically or mentally whether they are aware of not.

Guy Bridger

My interest in radionics extends back to the1980s as I sought some solace after a car accident which was largely of my own making, I found out about radionic photography And other aspects of radionics and how it could broadcast remedies, at that time I attended an introductory course but didn’t take it further as the equipment was beyond my budget. I have volunteered to help on the Radionic Association Council and have so far attended the dowsing day organised by the school and the access course which I strongly recommend.

I hope you have enjoyed reading of my experience of radionics. 13th September 2014