Autumn Study Weekend – 12th & 13th September 2015 Posted October 5, 2015 by jennybutler


The weekend spent at Sparsholt College, Winchester was a very memorable one with two lovely groups of students.

Those continuing their Diploma training are working well.  They started with their Case Teaching sessions with tutors, from which we all gain knowledge and understanding of the method of analysis and treatment.  These students then went on to a variety of hourly sessions with different tutors throughout Saturday and Sunday, all of which will help to expand their understanding of radionics and increase their ability to be effective.  This new material will be reinforced by their individual tutors during the coming term as we know there is so much material to take in during the weekend windows 10 downloaden student.

A new group arrived for the first time to attend our Access courses. There were 13 in total; 10 of whom stayed for both days. The Access Weekend is a full one with both talks and practical sessions throughout the 2 days to give some understanding of how radionics developed in the past and how it can be used and practised today.  It is possible to come for one day as a simple introduction to the radionic technique, but those wishing to train with us need to stay for 2 days to go into the analysis method more thoroughly how can I video from instagram.

There was a book stall available throughout the weekend as many of these specialised books are not easily available and we are also able to offer some second hand books which may now be out of print microsoft textverarbeitung kostenlos downloaden.

Many thanks go to our loyal tutors Ros Coombs, Gilly Lowe, Linda Fellows, Tony Scofield, Linda Kinsella and Carol Bamber-Judd.  So much work goes into the Study Weekends but the rewards are great and the atmosphere inspirational musik downloaden auf pc!