EXTERNAL EVENT: Karmic Healing Workshop Posted March 7, 2019 by jennybutler


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Northumberland – Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th April 2019

Devon – Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June 2019

We all possess deep wounds within our soul, carried across from previous lives.   These wounds help shape considerably our personality and fate.  However, the events of previous lives that created these dysfunctional patterns are not remembered on a conscious, or in many cases, subconscious level.  Could a recollection of past life actions, mistakes or trauma help us to understand better the foundations upon which our current life is formed?

This workshop combines teachings from the Ancient Wisdom, Astrology and the Moon Flowers to open your perception to your past lives and the karma that has been carried through to the present incarnation.

During the weekend the following topics will be covered:

·         Using the Moon Flowers as a door to access the past.

·         An Astrological perspective on karma

·         Shedding light on some of the karmic influences of your own horoscope.

·         Exploring some of the repertory of the Moon Flowers

·         Crystal meditations into the past

·         Exploring our own karmic pain

·         Philosophical chats about the soul, karma and reincarnation

The Moon Flowers will be available to freely work with over the weekend and can be purchased at our discounted student rate.

The cost of the weekends is £110 (vegetarian lunches included at our home in Devon).

Northumberland bookings and inquires to Phillippa 01434 607288

Devon bookings and inquires to Simon 01626 854289.

You can also contact us through the Aquarius Flower Remedies website.