Glastonbury Festival of Light Posted June 23, 2014 by jennybutler


Glastonbury 21.06.14What a fabulous day we had at the Assembly Rooms, on 21st June at the Festival of Light in Glastonbury.  It’s simply amazing how many of the visitors we spoke to already had an interest in dowsing and radionics vimeo videos online.

Many of the visitors had been to Stonehenge for the summer solstice and we received reports of over 30,000 visitors on the ancient site itself and mention of the many visitors to Avebury download american truck simulator.

Many of those who visited the Festival of Light had a knowledge of homeopathy.

It also became apparent that our American cousins are well versed in the workings of radionics and particular mention was made of the use in agriculture download kindle for pc for free.

Our stand attracted lots of attention; we gave out many leaflets about the Association and the School of Radionics and there was a lot of interest in our training programme (click here for details) download charts.

The other stands included crystal stalls, natural beauty products, jewellery and much more.  There was also someone doing auric photography.

These Festivals are held three times a year and mediums, healers and therapists attend free albums download illegal.