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‘Mind over Matter’

Conference celebrating 20 years of the Societa Italiano di Radionica
Organised by Alessandra Previdi
21/22 March, 2015

Ros Coombs and Gillian Lowe travelled, with difficulty because of an air traffic controllers strike in Italy, to Rimini to give a talk at the international conference ‘Mind over Matter’ organised by Alessandra Previdi, chair of the Societa Italiano di Radionica download songs in mp3.

20150321_151135The conference hall was full with around 130 delegates, mostly from Italy but also from Croatia, Russia, Holland and France whatsapp voor macbook. There were a number of stalls selling instruments, pendulums and books. Alison Davy came along as a delegate and she was able to display and speak briefly about her treatment cards download anton app for free.

The first speakers were Russian, Vyacheslav M.Bronnikov on ‘The Holographic Interface with the Brain’ and Peter Gariaev ‘Principles and Perspective of the Linguistic/Wave Genetics g mail.

claudio romanazzi

Claudio Romanazzi

We were pleased to see Claudio Romanazzi, a student of the School of Radionics from many years ago, who had driven by car from his home in Germany.  He and his wife Tanya have a large equestrian establishment and he described the treatments they use in his talk ‘Radionics and Horses’ wohnung einrichten 3d kostenlos downloaden. Later he followed with a talk on his work ‘The Base 64 (holistic blueprint) System’ developing the work of Keith Mason’s radionic systems and the base 64 simulator herunterladen.


Ros&Gilly Pres

Ros & Gillian presenting ‘The Infinite Scope of Radionics’

‘The Infinite Scope of Radionics’ was the title of the talk given by Gilly and Ros who aimed to put across an idea of the work they are involved in through presenting a variety of case studies herunterladen. These included cases of humans at all stages of life and we mentioned relationship problems within families. We talked about healing negative energies in houses as this was affecting one of the patients in a case study Download viva video for pc for free. We also talked about animals and their subtle anatomy and how negative situations within the home can affect their health. We finished the talk with examples of some of the group work aimed at alleviating epidemics such as Foot and Mouth Disease, ‘flu epidemics and ,more recently, Ebola herunterladen. After our talk there were a number of questions, one about the treatment of cancer radionically. We explained about the support that radionics can give during conventional drug or radiotherapy at all levels of being as well as the deeper understanding of the disease state flash files.


Bogdan Jochym & Alessandra Previdi

Also present from the Radionic Association UK was Bogdan Jochym who gave a presentation entitled ‘Evidence of Effects of Action at a Distance’ in which he described his work including the use of the Harry Oldfield camera filter, the NEV system, to pick up subtle energy patterns. Bogdan took some ‘live’ pictures of some of the delegates in the conference hall to demonstrate the possibilities available.

It was evident to us that many of the Italian speakers were involved with radionics from an agricultural perspective but sadly we were not able to understand their talks, the evidence shown was in the power point presentation photographs of various crops.

The vice-president of the Societa Italiano di Radionica, Federico Marincola, spoke both in Italian and translated into English enabling us to appreciate his talk on ‘Mayan Spirituality and Radionics’ in which he described the work he has been able to pioneer in Guatemala. Of course a concept such as radionics is more easily accepted by such spiritually aware people and he has spent some time teaching groups to use radionic instruments and methods to aid their healing ability.

A video link was set up with Raymon Grace in the United States during which he wished us all well with our work and there was also a recorded talk given by him talking about his methods of radionic work.

Ros, Gilly & Alessandra

Gillian, Ros & Alessandra

We were also shown an older video of Thomas Galen Hyeronimus on ‘How Radionics Started and How it Works’.

Overall the international gathering of radionic practitioners was well worth going to, both to explore the different methods of procedure but also, more importantly, to recognise the common thought processes needed to reach a common goal. Our thanks go to those who made our visit possible.

Gillian Lowe and Ros Coombs- March 2015