Radionics in Spain Posted May 9, 2018 by jennybutler


At the end of April 2018, Gilly Lowe and Ros Coombs travelled to Southern Spain to give a talk entitled ‘What is Radionics?’ to two local groups lego games to download. We were invited by Carol Stevenson who lives in Mijas Pueblo and who has just qualified as a practitioner. We stayed in her beautiful house with stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the sea f secure download xs4all.

The first talk was given to a group called ‘Open Minds’ ( who hold monthly meetings in a lovely venue in Benalmadena, Malaga, discussing complementary therapies, Chi Gong etc.  About 45 people attended the talk which ended with a lively discussion and questions.  We used a PowerPoint presentation introducing the history of radionics and explained about the Subtle Bodies, Chakras and how we carry out an analysis and treatments fox herunterladen. Later we gave examples of case studies which they all found fascinating.

The next day we gave a similar talk to a group called U3A, University of the Third Age, in Marbella downloaden. Again, this was well attended. Some of the audience from each group attended the dowsing workshop on the following day.

On the third day we held a Dowsing day at Carol’s house in her yoga room and garden herunterladen. Eleven people attended the day. We used the manuals that Jacqueline Moore compiled and we laid out samples of food, supplements, flower essences, crystals and other remedies for the group to dowse over herunterladen. By the end of the day they were all dowsing confidently and were so enthusiastic and amazed at the results that they found with their pendulums. We took the group into the garden to dowse for energy lines and water s id check herunterladen. We also asked them to dowse for how many fish and frogs there were in the pond! They also dowsed for the most healing place for each of them to sit and relax for a few minutes at the end of the day Download pdf reader for free. We finished with a talk on colour and the group dowsed out which colour they needed that day.

Many of the attendees have expressed an interest in our Introductory Weekend and there may be a possibility that we could fly out to Spain and hold the weekend there download planet.

We would like to thank Carol and her husband, Peter, for their hospitality and for the hours of preparation they did in anticipation of our trip vorlagen zum downloaden.

We would also like to thank the Healing Education Trust (HET) who helped us with our travel expenses to Spain.

Gilly and Ros would be happy to share their PowerPoint presentation with anyone who would like to give talks on radionics.