REPORT: AGM 2017 Posted October 25, 2017 by jennybutler


Our Annual General Meeting took place on Saturday 14th October at a new and very pleasant venue; London Latvian House.  The meeting was chaired by Carol Bamber-Judd and was attended by members of the Association.  We were delighted to be joined by Lady Londonderry, the Association’s President download scientific articles. Carol welcomed everyone and gave a detailed summary of the year.  The Annual Report for the year ended 30th June was adopted.

The School has had a very busy and successful year.  We currently have 11 students, within three groups, who are at different stages of the Diploma course.  We are delighted that Julie Hayden and Daniel Taylor recently achieved their Licentiate award herunterladen.

In addition to the school’s current students our most advanced group, who commenced their training in September 2014, sat their final assessment in September after three years of hard work fack ju göhte 3 herunterladen kostenlos. We’re delighted to report that all have been awarded their Diploma qualification and are the latest practitioners to joy full membership of the Association; Joy El-Araj, Rory Logsdail, Victoria Ortiz and Sally Troy tomtom vio karten herunterladen.

Joy El-Araj with Lady Londonderry

Rory Logsdail with Lady Londonderry

Julie Hayden, Rory Logsdail and Joy El-Araj were present to receive their certificates from the Association’s President, Lady Londonderry google herunterladen chip.




The AGM was followed by a lively and thought provoking talk given by Debra Robinson, a radionics practitioner and member of the Association and who also tutors students on our Diploma course.  Debra’s talk was entitled “Esoteric Wisdom in our Modern World – Aum” and touched on the works of Alice Bailey, asking how and where does this fit into the 21st century and what can we do to help ourselves

Full minutes of the AGM will be circulated to all members.