Virtual Radionic Instrument

The Virtual Radionic Instrument was created by Geoffrey Ardens and, as described on his website, is a fully computerised and programmable virtual Radionic Instrument for analysis, broadcasting and remedy making. 

It was specifically made to support the workflow taught on the School of Radionics training programme.  The Story of the VRI by its creator Geoffrey Ardens, was published in a 2009 edition of our Radionic Journal and can be viewed here.

Details of The School of Radionics training courses can be viewed by clicking here

The current cost of the VRI is:-

  • £85.00 for:

current Radionic Association Qualified Members – these are the practitioners who currently subscribe to our Qualified Membership category

current Diploma students of The School of Radionics

  • £120.00 for:

all associate members of the Association



All payments are to be made to The Radionic Association, via our office, and the various payment methods available can be viewed on our Shop page.