Dr. Mae-Wan Ho
Invited lecture for Radionics Association, Kensington Unitarians’ Essex Church Hall, London, 30 October 2010

On first encountering water’s quantum jazz

I fell in love with water and became a hydrophiliac 18 years ago, soon after I saw the little fruit fly larva emerge from the egg under the polarised light microscope, rearing and swaying its head, crawling about in all the colours of the rainbow dancing before my eyes Download computer games for free. And no one else in the world had seen that before.

I soon figured out that all the molecules in the cells and tissues of its body must be moving coherently together for the little larva to put on that psychedelic liquid crystalline display videoclip aus youtubeen. More importantly, the cell and tissue water too, must be as an intrinsic part of the polarised liquid crystalline phase; the water is forming dynamically coherent units with the macromolecules embedded and immersed in it itunes windows 8.1.

What that implied is a high degree of coherence in the organism. In the book named after the fruit fly larva [1], The Rainbow and the Worm, The Physics of Organisms, first published in 1993 and now in its 3rd enlarged 2008 edition, I presented theoretical arguments and empirical evidence to support the idea that the organism is quantum coherent; and water plays the lead role in creating and maintaining the quantum coherence of organisms [1, 2] (see Quantum Jazz Biology, SiS 47) card game hearts.
“Quantum jazz” is what I call the dynamic quantum coherence of organisms, which works by perfect intercommunication, and it is water’s quantum jazz through and through download wsdl file. I am going to review some key evidence that has emerged especially within the past several years to support the idea that water’s quantum jazz is the basis of life software downloaden illegal. And, then go on to explore what that means for energy medicine, especially homeopathy.

Conventional physics and chemistry have lots to offer in making sense of energy medicine in powerful techniques and a rigorous conceptual framework; but it needs our imagination and the courage to take on new idea lieder auf mac downloaden.
Much of what I shall talk about is described in more detail in my series on water and on homeopathy, to appear in the next issue of our magazine Science in Society ([3] Water’s Quantum Jazz  series and [4] Organic Medicine series, SiS 48), which will be available in the next couple of weeks, accompanied by fantastic artworks herunterladen.

  • I shall present evidence demonstrating that
  • liquid water is quantum coherent at ambient conditions
  • liquid water determines the activities of ions; hydration water and macromolecules form one coherent dynamic unit
  • hydration water energizes and electrifies DNA
  • water keeps almost all of the constituents of the cell dancing coherently most of the time office erneut herunterladen. It keeps the quantum jazz going, day and night, to keep us alive and well.

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