The Radionic Association was established in 1943 as the leading worldwide body representing qualified radionic practitioners, providing training courses and information on radionics for potential patients, students and complementary healthcare professionals.

The Radionic Association is affiliated to the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO).

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Radionic Treatment

Radionics is a healing technique in which our natural ESP faculties are used both to discover the energetic disturbances underlying illness and to encourage the return of a normal energetic field that supports health. It is independent of the distance between practitioner and patient.

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Find A Practitioner

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Radionic Training

Interested in learning the basics of radionics or training to become a Radionic Practitioner?

Medical or Complementary Therapy Practitioners – How Dowsing or Radionics Could Extend Your Skillset

Medical Doctors, Homoeopaths, Counsellors and many other practitioners have found that dowsing, radionic analysis and radionic treatment provide an important extension to their existing repertoire.

We run comprehensive training courses through our association; The School of Radionics.  We know the importance of a good education in radionic practice and all of our courses provide an in-depth professional education.  Our current training courses include An Introduction to Dowsing, Two-day Introduction to Radionics and Diploma in Radionics.

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Find a Speaker on Radionics

If you would like a speaker on radionics in your area or would like us to teach a group to dowse, please contact us.

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