The Radionic Association has a number of useful resources:

Our FAQ page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions including anything from information about Radionics, qualifications and membership to selling or donating used books and instruments. See answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

Our Library page explains everything you need to know about the library at the headquarters of The Radionic Association in Banbury. Also available is a downloadable list of books and details about Library Rules.
Learn more about the Library here.

Our Key Books page lists important books for anyone interested in Radionics, distant diagnosis & healing, dowsing and more.
See the list of Key Books here.

Our Patents – Radionic & Dowsing page offers information about patents relating to Radionics and dowsing. It includes links to both the UK and US Patent Office along with a list of patents so far identified. Learn more about the Patents here.

Our Web Links page provides links to various websites related to radionics, dowsing and geopathic stress. These are provided as a convenience to our visitors to facilitate their exploration of areas related to the topics.
See the Links here.

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