School of Radionics

The School of Radionics of The Radionic Association, offers a comprehensive training programme.

All attendees of our courses need to be able to dowse and we run an annual Introduction to Dowsing day in April each year, or we can arrange one-to-one tuition at sky go filme. Click here for details.

We run our two-day Introduction to Radionics course, which is held over one weekend every September.  Completion of this course enables newcomers to radionics to have the basic skills to help friends and family members wherever they live in the world herunterladen.

This is followed by our Diploma Course, which upon completion and following a successful final assessment, qualifies the individual to become a Radionic Practitioner ls 16 kostenlos downloaden.

We also offer a Soil and Crops course which commences after completion of the Introduction to Radionics course download internet explorer 11 windows 7.

Becoming a Radionic Practitioner

All kinds of people decide to study to become radionic practitioners download outlook messages automatically.  You may have been inspired by the qualities and expertise of your own practitioner.  You may have had radionic treatment which has changed your life, or know of someone else for whom it has made an enormous difference Download dance monkey mp3 for free.  You may be a professional in another field, interested in changing direction in your work life or extending your present career.  Studying radionics can be exciting and rewarding, contributing to personal as well as professional development 276 u.

The School of Radionics knows the importance of a good education in radionic practice and we have worked for many years on the courses we provide, to ensure our students receive excellent training and a good education in radionics, to enable them to become radionic practitioners Download free games for kids.  If you are looking for a career change or an in-depth professional education in radionics you will want to investigate the courses available.


Training for the examinations of The Radionic Association is provided by the School of Radionics and all of these courses are approved by the Association 80 er hits kostenlos downloaden.

Please visit our individual training pages for more detailed information on our forthcoming training courses, including Introduction to Dowsing, Introduction to Radionics course and Diploma in Radionics indiana jones spiele download kostenlos.

People who have learned radionic techniques from other schools or private sources, and have already had considerable experience (and preferably successful practices) may be eligible to apply for Membership of the Radionic Association by a fast-track route under Article 8 of the Association’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.  Please apply to the Office for further information and an application form.

Post Graduate Courses

For our qualified practitioners we also offer two post-graduate courses, Small Animals and Horses.

The Healing Education Trust (Registered Charity No. 328253)

The Healing Education Trust was founded in 1989 to advance education in branches of healing already established by the Radionic Association.  Donations are needed by the Trust to provide seminars, lectures and training courses, bursaries for students and educational literature.  All communications concerning the Trust should be addressed to the Secretary at Baerlein House.