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Copen TP9 Book and Kelly Research Radionic Instrument

COPEN TP9 Book – A Materia Medica of Homoeopathic Formulas

KELLY Research Radionic Instrument

Telephone number for a reply  – contact David on 01526 388685 or email davryn.birks@btinternet.com


Rhythm Harmoniser

Looking for a Rhythm Harmoniser, with copper plate and timer with repeat settings.

Please contact Gisela Norman:  gisela.norman@icloud.com

Copen 6 Slot Multi-Broadcaster

Looking for a 4 or 6 slot Copen multi broadcaster.

Please contact Gay Healy: goilbox@yahoo.ie

Training Manuals/Materials for SE-5 PLUS

Looking for training manuals, training DVD/VHS and/or training materials for the SE-5 PLUS.

Please email anachiel@cox.net


Pi Ray Coffer, a Magnetron and Dowsing Instruments by Dr. Christopher Hills

Looking for a Pi Ray Coffer, a Magnetron and dowsing instruments by Dr. Christopher Hills.

Contact: marcalx@hotmail.ca