Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to everyone* over the age of 18.

All Associates receive our regular publication the “Radionic Journal”, bi-monthly Newsletter by email, access to our extensive Library and notification of meetings.  Associate members who are not already members of a radionic organisation can vote at our Annual General Meeting and are therefore able to join us as ‘Voting Associates’.

The current annual subscription rate for Associate Membership is:

    • £35.00 for UK members
    • £45.00 for overseas members

A Voting Associate application form is available by clicking here (a Word version of this document is available upon request).

Applicants who are members of another radionic organisation receive identical privileges except do not have the right to vote at our AGM – please contact us for an application form for Non-Voting Associate.

Students of the School of Radionics first join as Associate Members. As their training progresses they first reach the grade of Licentiate Member, and finally that of a fully Qualified Member of the Radionic Association, at which point they are allowed to use the designation MRadA. Holders of each of these grades are allowed to practise professionally. Qualified Members who give exceptional service to the Association and/or who do distinguished research work may later at the Council’s discretion be awarded a Fellowship (FRadA).

People who have learned radionic techniques from other schools or private sources, and have already had considerable experience, and preferably successful practices  may be eligible to apply for Membership of the Radionic Association by a fast-track route under Article 8 of the Association’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.  Please apply to the Office for further information and an application form.

Enquiries and requests for membership application forms (click here to download the online form) and publications are welcomed by the Secretary e-mail:

*Council reserves the right to decline applications without explanation.

Annual Subscription Rates

Voting & Non-Voting Associate (UK) £35
Voting & Non-Voting Associate (Overseas) £45
Licentiates £100
Licentiates (overseas) £60
UK Qualified member £200 (staged)
Newly Qualified Members  1st year £150
Newly Qualified Members  2nd year £175
Newly Qualified Members  3rd year £200
Retired Qualified member £50
Overseas Qualified member £120