Soil and Crops – Diploma Course

This course is currently being reorganised. What follows is a description of our approach.

SOILS are wonderfully full of life, and provide the nurturing home for plants and crops for human and animal consumption. The health of the crop, and the end consumer, is very influenced by the health of the soil in which the plant has grown.

Soils are affected by so many influences. Some of these are natural, such as sunlight and underlying rock, and others stem from decisions made during the course of agricultural management. These may include grazing by livestock, cultivations by machinery, addition of fertilisers or chemicals.

The importance of organic matter and humus cannot be overstated, particularly with growing population and the limited land area for food production. There is still so much scope for improvement in food quality and quantity, while increasing the depth and potential of topsoil globally.

Radionics can help to assess the health of the soil and plants, and address underlying problems. These may be recent issues, or could be from historic abuse. Subtle changes can greatly help, and can be combined with sound knowledge of agricultural management and soil science.

A radionic practitioner will look at the farm map, ask for information about the soil type and any soil tests taken, and ask about known history affecting the land. Farmers and growers are inundated with products and advisors these days. It can be confusing to select the most appropriate treatments to use. Radionic analysis can help in the decision making process.

Understanding how the lunar cycle and other processes can affect germination, roots and stages of plant growth can enable help such as Biodynamic preparations, and other treatments to be given from a distance, at the appropriate time.

Increasing the dynamic properties of the soil will be a win:win situation for all – the soil life, the farmer, the plant, the animals, and of course the people eating the food.

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