What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a technique used to uncover information through our own natural intuitive sense. We can pick up energy vibrations which are then magnified through a pendulum or dowsing rods. This ancient skill goes back hundreds of years when it was mostly used for finding water.

By careful questioning dowsing can be used to discover factors contributing to health or disease within any living system, be it a human being, an animal, a plant or the soil itself.

What can you expect from the School of Radionics Dowsing Day?

We begin our day by identifying a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ response through the pendulum. This is typically a circular motion, clockwise or anti-clockwise. Participants then experiment to discover whether they prefer to work through a list of options, obtaining ‘yes’ or ‘no’ results, or if they find it easier to fan out the choices and see which they are drawn to through dowsing.

Once this initial response is identified the group move on to try different themes set up around the room. Asking clear precise questions is very important and we provide a helpful manual to assist with this. There is usually a selection of fruits. Which is best for you? Would it be better washed? Has it been sprayed or affected by air travel? There may also be numerous supplements, tissue salts and homeopathic remedies to dowse over. Light-hearted attendees may wish to try some party tricks: in a matchbox which end are the heads? which glass contains water fit to drink and which is salty?

There is a tray of crystals which all have their own radiatory energy and some participants are drawn to a particular stone on display that feels good to them. If time we may also look at colours to see what effects they have on our energy field.

Crystals have their own radiatory energy and some participants are drawn to a particular stone on display that feels good to them.

We will also spend time experimenting with dowsing rods to identify positive and negative spots in the landscape. We can look for underground water and detect its direction of flow.
We may also dowse for the ‘aura’ or energy of trees. Each tree has an energy field and by sending positive thoughts and appreciation it may be possible to sense an expansion of its aura.
And finally…
The day is practical, varied and moves quickly. Your manual will have different approaches and diagrams so you are ready to work independently at home. It is usual for everyone to dowse successfully by the end of the day and a few weeks’ practise will enable quicker and more confident results.
Some participants follow on from the Dowsing Day by joining our Introduction to Radionics course, where their dowsing will be used to discover more about the ways we can help others through a wider understanding of how disease affects both the physical and subtle layers of our being.

This is an ideal opportunity to learn to dowse or improve your skills in the company of other enthusiastic people. We hope you can join us for a day of fun and practical experience

Dowsing is a technique used to uncover information, through our own natural intuitive sense, using dowsing rods or pendulums.

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