How to Find and Choose a Practitioner

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Some new patients may have difficulty in choosing one practitioner from the large list, or sometimes feel that they need to find one with an area of speciality relating to a specific ailment. It may help to remember that all our practitioners treat the subtle anatomy, the ‘energy fields’ of people, animals and plants. It is for that reason that they tend not to have defined areas of speciality – the disease can often be the symptom of disruption or disharmony within or around these subtle bodies.

Some people choose a practitioner who lives in the same area of the country but in fact distance is no barrier to treatment.

Anyone wishing to obtain treatment should apply direct to a practitioner. There is no fixed scale of fees, which should be discussed with individual practitioners before commencing treatment.

The practitioner will ask you to complete a confidential case history form, which they will provide. All details are important as they contribute to the picture of your overall health. They will also ask for a small snippet of hair which will be used as a witness when carrying out the analysis. This will enable the practitioner to tune into your current situation.

Radionics may be used alongside other therapies and to support conventional medicine.

We also have a ‘Register of Practising Members’ which is available from the office. This register contains some guidance notes on how to choose a practitioner, together with the details of some additional practitioners who do not appear on our website practitioners list. Should you require a copy of this register please contact us and we will arrange to email or post you a copy.

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