Key Books

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The books in this section contain important information on Radionics.

  • Horizons in Radionics Edited by Tony Scofield
  • Report on Radionics by Edward W Russell
  • Prospects of Eternity by Edward W Russell
  • A Patient’s Guide to Distant Diagnosis and Healing (Radionic Healing: Is it for You?) by David V Tansley
  • Dimensions of Radionics by David V Tansley
  • Radionics and the Subtle Anatomy of Man by David V Tansley
  • Chakras, Rays and Radionics by David V Tansley
  • Subtle Body: Essence and Shadow by David V Tansley
  • Radionics – Interface with the Ether Fields by David V Tansley
  • Anyone Can Dowse for Better Health by Arthur Bailey
  • Radionics by R J Bloomfield
  • Radionics and the Horder Report by Sir Thomas Horder with an  introduction by Tony Scofield
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