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Here are some links to sites on radionics, dowsing and geopathic stress. If you use these links we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites. They are provided as a convenience to our visitors to facilitate their exploration of areas related to radionics.

Radionics, Radiesthesia, Geopathic stress

Radionik Verlag
A German radionic organisation run by one of our members – site in German.

Societa Italiana di Radionica
The site of the Italian Radionic Association run by one of the Radionic Association’s Italian qualified members – site in Italian, Spanish and English. This link takes you to the English language version.

Mystical Wonders discussion group
Includes section on radionics.

The Holistic Intuition Society
Helping individuals to develop and improve their access to Intuition ‘On Demand’ for the good of all.

The Energetic-Medicine website has been developed as a source of information for those seeking a greater understanding of Energy Medicine. Energetic-Medicine is the practice of medicine using energy or rather the flow of energy as a medium for healing.  Inergetix-CoRe is an advanced “computer based” device that combines analysis and balancing on both the informational and energetic levels.

ANAM Holistics
A forum for practical discussion and ideas on all major areas in the dowsing, divining and earth healing field. It has links to many environmental and healing sites and resources and also maintains the site of the Irish Society of Diviners.

Nick Franks Radionic Page
Nick Franks page of radionic resources, instruments and links

Associazione Giambattista Callegari
Italian researcher of dowsing and radionics Giambattista Callegari (1912-1990) invented a machine for dowsing and radionics with oscillating circuits similar to that of Lakhovsky. This site continues his research. (Italian)

Louis Turenne Association
A site that continues the researches of the great French dowser. In French and Italian.

Dowsing Spirits
Life Guidance, Spirit Worker, Dowsing Tutor and Geopathic Stress Healing.

Radionic Instruments

Divining Mind
A commercial site on dowsing issues and instrumentation which also provides a large number of useful and interesting links

Sulis Instruments
Maker of the Sulis digital remedy maker

Emerald Innovations
Manufacturers and suppliers of radionic instruments and dowsing accessories

Energea Radionics 
Specialising in the development and manufacturing of electronic instruments and related energetic instruments

White Mountain
White Mountain first began developing and manufacturing specialised radionic potentisers and other subtle energy devices in 1992 and have supplied their products to most countries of the world.

Life Technology Research International
Manufacturer and distributor of novel radionic and metaphysical equipment.

Volker Schalthoff’s site with his own own radionik system, the ORGON powered Hyperspace Communicator, the Sunlight Chromotherapy System nach Volker Schalthoff ® and a new Radionik bar-code system. (In German)

Bruce Copen Laboratories 
Bruce Copen Radionic Instruments, electronic homoeopathic research services and supplies, radionics research. A long established and well respected maker of radionic instruments.

The Virtual Radionic Instrument 
The site of the computerised radionic instrument created by Geoffrey Ardens. The site includes a short U-tube video about radionics.  It is a fully computerised and programmable virtual Radionic Instrument for analysis, broadcasting and remedy making and was specifically made to support the workflow taught on the School of Radionics training programme.  The Story of the VRI by its creator Geoffrey Ardens, was published in a 2009 edition of our Radionic Journal and can be viewed here.  The current cost of the VRI is £85.00 for current Radionic Association Qualified Members (Radionic practitioners who currently subscribe to our Qualified Membership category) and current Diploma students of The School of Radionics or £120.00 for everyone else.


Dowsing: A review of experimental research  
Dowsing: A review of experimental research. The best review on the subject (by G.P. Hansen)

Dowsing Links
J. Reid’s large number of useful links

British Society of Dowsers
This has plenty of links to other dowsing sites

A Letter to Robin
The on-line dowsing course’s latest edition

American Society of Dowsers
Contains many links.

Canadian Society of Questers
We practice the ancient art of dowsing or divining to initiate contact with the energies and knowledge that are us, pervade us, and make us an integral part of the universe.

Canadian Society of Dowsers

Radionics and Dowsing Institute of Canada
The institute has been in existence since 1988 offering a catalogue of courses, information and equipment.

Quebec Association of Radiethesia
French Canadian dowsers’ association. In french but has a translation button for english.

The School of Holistic Dowsing
Offers Holistic Health Dowsing courses & advice services.

Health and Healing

Scientific and Medical Network
An informal international group of qualified scientists, doctors, psychologists, engineers, philosophers, therapists and many other professionals whose aim is to deepen the understanding in science, medicine and education by fostering both rational analysis and intuitive insights. It questions the assumptions of contemporary scientific and medical thinking, so often limited by exclusively materialistic reasoning. It has a regular meeting programme on a range of relevant issues.

The Princes Foundation for Integrated Health
A registered charity founded by the Prince of Wales to carry forward his vision of a fully integrated healthcare system for the United Kingdom

Holistic, Complementary Therapy and New Age Directory
Holistic Pages is dedicated to the promotion of Holistic, Complementary Therapy and New Age businesses.

British Complementary Medicine Association
The leading authority in the field for helping therapists in all aspects of their work. The BCMA operates a system of voluntary self-regulation with a Code of Conduct and a Complaint Procedure and Disciplinary Procedure which are mandatory for all members.

Confederation of Healing Organisations
Aims to establish a forum representative of the majority of healers in the UK; develop meaningful communications with healing organisations; promote best practice healing to the public and the healing movement; provide media to network communications between healing organisations; encourage co-working practices between healers, orthodox medicine and other therapies. The Radionic Association is a member.

Herbal Remedies
On Vitaminsdiary.com you can learn all about herbs and many herbal and natural remedies listed for various ailments.

Sleep and Wellness Medical Associates
Sleep Apnea, Ways to Quit Smoking, Pulmonologist, Allergy Testing, Los Angeles Lung Doctor. Los Angeles clinic offering therapies including weight loss, sleep apnea, smoking cessation, and insomnia.

Tuck Sleep

At Tuck Sleep, we’re trying to promote awareness of sleep health and wellness. We’re doing this by creating in-depth resource guides that anyone can access. Our guides cover everything from the science of sleep to easy tips for people suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea, and other common sleep disorders.

Jane Loader Radionic Practitioner
Jane Loader’s (MRadA) own complementary health practitioner site

Soul School 

Theolyn Cortens Soul School run workshops and correspondence courses on spiritual development and writes and lectures on angels and healing.

We are dedicated to educating the public about the details of prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as aiding in the protection of patients and consumers by informing them of any associated side effects. We also feature updated information concerning drug recalls, medication approvals, and current developments in the medical field. Our goal is enabling patients to fully understand the benefits, as well as risks associated with the use of certain medications.

How Many Calories in 
Find out how many calories in over 90,000 foods. Get the nutrition facts – food calories, carbs, fat, protein & more. Calorie counter, diets & more. It’s


We are a reliable source of information on this rare type of cancer. The website provides a resource so that people suffering from mesothelioma and their families can better understand this terrible affliction.

Mesothelioma Group

Founded in 2007, the group exists to help victims, friends and family members gain a better understanding of mesothelioma. Anyone affected by this disease will find relief in the informational articles and valuable resources listed on our website


Treatment overview information for victims of mesothelioma cancer.

Lung Cancer Alliance

We are the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to providing support and advocacy for people living with or at risk for the disease.

Founded in 2007, the group exists to help victims, friends and family members gain a better understanding of mesothelioma. Anyone affected by this disease will find relief in the informational articles and valuable resources listed on our website. – See more at: http://www.mesotheliomagroup.com/mission/#getInTouch

Natural Healing Solutions
The site of Veterinary Surgeon, Roger Meacock, Speaker at the 2014 AGM

The Laurence Society of Holistic Medicine

The ethos of the Society and of the practitioners is Tolle Causam – Seek the Cause. This seeking embraces the whole of the patient; physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic and extends beyond the bounds of material science and includes the appropriate use of medical radiesthesia.

Small Animals

Dog Food
Dog food information and reviews by Dog Food Advisor.  Guide to dog food products and information.

Dog Products
Cheappetstore.com, compare prices on over 50,000+ dog supplies and products, harnesses, collars, food and treats.

Provides you with health information for dogs and cats.  Only Natural Pet – Videos and articles relating to pet care, health problems etc.


Horse and Hound 
Visit Horse & Hound Online for daily equestrian news updates, competition reports and expert horsecare advice.

Ad Horse UK – Equestrian Advertising
The horse and pony community web site for equestrian advertising – horses, equipment, property, vehicles, services and more. Also similar site just for coloured horses

Equine Natural Health 
An alternative health magazine for horse and rider.

Holistic Horsekeeping
An on-line site for horse and mule owners to learn about basic horse care issues such as hoof care, supplements, nutrition and general health. Run by a holistic veterinarian.


This site provides equine advice as well as listings of equine related jobs and horses for sale.

Bowen Farms
Bowen Farms is a small quarter horse breeding farm located in Northeast/Central Alabama. We raise and sale quality AQHA & APHA Western Pleasure Horses with world champion pedigrees.

Books, Magazines and Tapes

Positive Health 
Articles on Radionics, Energy Medicine and all aspects of complementary medicine – written by the experts

Borderland Sciences
Carries the original works of Drown and Abrams and carries out research with classical radionics. Journal of Borderland Research, books and provides information on the ‘subtle’ sciences.

Editions Servranx
Radionics and dowsing books in French.

Rex Research
Rex Research was established in 1982 by Robert A. Nelson to archive and distribute information about “unconventional”, suppressed, dormant, or emerging sciences, technologies, inventions, theories, therapies, and miscellaneous alternatives that offer real hope of liberating humanity.

Health Research
Health Research is the world’s largest publisher of rare and unusual books.

Natural and Spiritual Healing Portal. Free Download basic/advanced courses of Radionics Dowsing Divining system; Chromotherapy, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Kinesiology, Shiatsu, Feng Shui, Pyramid Therapy, Bach Flowers, Yoga, Meditation, Forum, Chat, Blog

Science & Society

The Institute of Science in Society (ISIS)
The Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1999 by Mae-Wan Ho and Peter Saunders to work for social responsibility and sustainable approaches in science. A major part of our work is to promote critical public understanding of science and to engage both scientists and the public in open debate and discussion. ISIS has been providing inputs into the GM debate that would have been conspicuously lacking otherwise.

Society for Scientific Exploration
Includes abstracts of articles from the Journal of Scientific Exploration which id devoted to areas of science that mainline scientific journals exclude.

Other Sites

Inspirational free greeting cards to email your friends.

Passionate Management
Empowering health practitioners through appropriate training techniques.

Life Guidance and Inspiration
Stephanie Harrison’s website facilitating personal growth and spiritual development.