I would like to create a link to your website. How can I do this?
Please send your request via email to secretary@radionic.co.uk for review.

I would like to visit the office and ask some questions as I am driving past your area. Can I do this?

As our office is open on a part-time basis we request that all visits are arranged in advance.

I am not a Member, but I am undertaking some research on radionics and would like to come to the office and do some research from your archives. Can I do this?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange a suitable date and time to visit.

I live overseas and I am not a Member of The Radionic Association but I wish to order some books / CD’s / DVD’s from you. Can I do this?

We have various items that are available to purchase, details of which are available on the Shop pages of our website or by contacting us for more information.

Can you recommend a practitioner who is expert in certain conditions? Or can you recommend the best practitioner for me?

We cannot recommend individual practitioners and encourage patients to choose a practitioner from the Register. We encourage patients to talk to potential practitioners and patients should feel free to ask questions and build a relationship with their practitioners. All our Qualified Members receive the same training although some may later specialise.

I want to become a student and I have some enquiries?

We’d love to hear from you and will be delighted to help you with any queries you may have – please contact us by telephone: +44 (0)1869 338852 or email: secretary@radionic.co.uk.  You may also wish to visit our Radionic Training page for further information and details.

Are the Delawarr Laboratories still in existence?

Unfortunately the Delawarr Laboratories closed over 10 years ago and there are no more Delawarr instruments being made.  The existing membership of the Delawarr Association merged with that of the Radionic Association.

I have some old radionic instruments / radionic books / radionic related papers that I don’t want anymore – can I donate or sell them to you?

We would be delighted to have any radionic-related material donated to us as we hold a library and also a museum store of old radionic instruments. If material donated duplicates existing pieces we will offer them for sale.  We can sometimes collect the items from you if you live nearby, or we can receive items by post.

If you would like to try to sell your items you can place an advert on the Sales page of our website.  There is a small charge for this service to non-Members of our Association.  Please contact the office for further details.

I would like to advertise in the Radionic Journal? How do I do this?

Please contact us for current details.  We also encourage reciprocal advertising and leaflet distribution to our members via the Journal.

Can anyone practise radionics? How will I be able to know if I would be any good as a practitioner?

We find that most people can learn to practise radionics and learn to dowse quite quickly. Each student will tend to develop differently – some may, for example, find that their pendulum work is good but they have difficulty phrasing the right questions. A lot of radionic work, like any form of healing, improves with experience and confidence which is why we tutor students on an individual basis so they can benefit from one-to-one assistance.

How can I support the Radionic Association?

There are a number of ways to support our work and the Association, and as we are a small organisation working with limited means, all support is gratefully received no matter how large or small.

A few suggestions, though we are always open to more!

  • Become an Associate Member of the Association
  • Help us publicise events by offering to deliver leaflets to local health food shops, etc
  • Come to a Dowsing Day or Introduction to Radionics Course and expand your practical knowledge of radionics
  • If you are a grateful patient who has benefited from radionics, please do let people know about us!  We’d love to receive a testimonial from you that we could include on our website.
  • Donate any unwanted radionic instruments or books to the Association
  • Offer to hold a fund-raising event for us, or give a talk or demonstration to a local healing group or similar.

Contact the office and let us know how you want to get involved. We will be delighted to hear from you!

What can I do if I have a complaint about a practitioner?

We take all complaints regarding practitioners seriously. We ask that you send in a written complaint addressed to the Secretary at the Radionic Association office address, so that it can be dealt with promptly.

I would like to trace an old friend / colleague / radionic practitioner via The Radionic Association. How can I do this?

A Register of Practising Members can be found here – or from the office. If the person you are trying to trace is not on the Register, we can put a request to our membership via the bi-monthly newsletter.

Radionic Instruments

I would like to purchase some radionic rates. Do you supply these?

We do hold a large collection of rates, but we only make these available to Fully Qualified, Practising members. This is because we feel that rates should only be used by people who are practising to a standard that the Association can vouch for, and ensure that they are used correctly, adhering to our Code of Ethics and a spiritually-based moral code.

We do, however, have a copy of the Ruth Drown radionic rates for sale. These rates have been made available to non-practising members for many years. Please contact the office should you wish to purchase a copy.

I have bought / inherited a radionic instrument and I don’t know how to use it. Can you tell me how to use it or do you hold instructions for it?

We do hold instruction manuals in our archive files on certain instruments, which we can access for Associate Members. There is no guarantee, however, that we hold information on the instrument that you own.

We regret that we cannot teach anyone how to use their radionic instruments. We only train students who have enrolled on the course, and we teach them using our own radionic training instruments.

What do you think about computerised radionic instruments?

We do not currently use computerised radionic instruments for training our students, as emphasis is very much placed upon the development of the practitioners themselves and the instruments are viewed as a “linking mechanism” which provides a focus for intent. For this reason, much of our training is based on personal development and spiritual awareness. However, we do offer computer-based radionic instruments which are available to purchase from us.  Further details to follow.

I am trying to find MGA cards for my instrument – where can I get them?

Fortunately, Magneto Geometric Applications Limited are still producing MGA cards, and also the Rae simulators, potentisers and instruments. They can be contacted at:

45 Dowanhill Road, Catford, London SE16 1SX
Tel: 01689 810747
Email: magneto.t21@btinternet.com
Website: www.magnetogeometrics.co.uk

I am looking for Rae instruments and potentisers – where can I get them?

Fortunately, Magneto Geometric Applications Limited are still producing MGA cards, and also the Rae simulators, potentisers and instruments. They can be contacted at:

45 Dowanhill Road, Catford, London SE16 1SX
Tel: 01689 810747
Email: magneto.t21@btinternet.com
Website: www.magnetogeometrics.co.uk

Where can I buy a radionic instrument from and how much will it cost?

There are many suppliers of radionic instruments in the UK and the instruments vary widely in both design and cost. A number of these suppliers are listed below:


Tel: +44 (0)207 4194829
email: admin@energearadionics.co.uk     Website: www.energearadionics.co.uk

Tel: 01689 810747
email: magneto.t21@btinternet.com     Website: www.magnetogeometrics.co.uk

Mr Chris Dennison
10 Amber Road
Corfe Mullen
BH21 3US

Tel: 01202 950041
email: chrisdennison@hotmail.com

Mr Phil Eayles
Ashburton Instrument Company
Western Road
Newton Abbot
South Devon TQ13 7ED

Tel: 01364 652579
email: phileales@gmail.com

Mr Nick Franks
9 Albert Road
Cheshire SK9 5HT

Tel: 01625 250070
Fax: 01625 549809
Website: www.radionics.co.uk

I have an old radionic instrument and I am not sure what it is. Can you tell me what it is and how much it is worth?

Over the years there have been many manufacturers of radionic instruments – some made by individuals in a very basic manner and some made by professional companies. Some are still in production and some are not. Radionic instruments vary enormously from very simple dial instruments through to high-tech computer operated instruments so it would be practically impossible for us to hold details on every instrument that has ever been made, let alone keep up to date on all the models and versions that were made.

However, certain firms such as Delawarr Laboratories made instruments for a long period and many of these ended up all over the world. We do hold quite a lot of archive information on certain makes of instrument. If you do want a specialist to determine the make and approximate value of your instrument, we respectfully request that you firstly join as an Associate Member of the Association. We would then require that a photo of the instrument be sent to our office for identification.

It is worth knowing that although many of these instruments were quite expensive at the time of manufacture, the second hand resale values are usually quite low. However, there is usually a demand for the older dial instruments amongst Members of our Association.

Can you recommend which radionic instrument is the best?

No, I am afraid we cannot for two reasons. Firstly, as there are hundreds of types and models of instruments available, we cannot possibly be familiar enough with all of them. Secondly, once a student has completed their training they are permitted to use any instrument that they wish, and it is completely up to them to find an instrument that suits their practising style. The best way to find which instrument suits you best is to contact suppliers, research your various options and choose the one that best suits both you and your budget.


I live in the USA and want to learn radionics so that I can practice – can you help?

The treatment of humans using radionics is illegal within the USA, although Soils and Crops can be treated. Please ensure that you are aware of the Federal and State legislation concerning radionics before you embark on training. You can of course be treated by a practitioner in the UK or Europe should you wish.

I live abroad but wish to train in radionics. Do I have to travel?

During the training period of three years it will be necessary to attend at least two study seminars in the UK.  One must be during the first year of training.

Do you do online courses?

At this current time, we do not run courses that are solely online however, some tutorials can be via Zoom or Skype.

I’m from overseas and I am not sure if I have the relevant qualifications to join the course. How can I find out?

You will need an I-Tec qualification in Anatomy and Physiology or the equivalent. You can check the UK equivalent of your qualification with the UK NARIC – www.naric.org.uk. We do require copies of certificates from both overseas and UK based students.


How do I become an Associate Member of the Radionic Association?

You are most welcome to join as an Associate Member. Please contact the office who will send you a short application form to complete and return, together with your annual subscription. You may also use the form on this website (click here).

I already practise radionics but wish to join your Association as a Qualified Member. How do I do this?

We have a procedure that allows radionic practitioners that have been trained by other people or organisations to join the Association as a Qualified Member. This process is called Article 8, and there are three criteria that must be fulfilled before an application is considered successful. The applicant must be 25 years or older, have been practising radionics for at least four years and have been an Associate Member of the Radionic Association for a minimum of two years. After that, the candidate works under the supervision of an Article 8 Co-ordinator in order to prepare relevant case studies and essays for assessment. Please contact the office if you are considering applying for Article 8.

What is the difference between a Qualified Member and a Licentiate Member?

Licentiate Members are student practitioners who are over half way through their training and can charge a small fee for their services. They practice under supervision of their tutors.
Qualified Members are those who are qualified through our training programme to treat patients. They have obtained their Membership of the Radionic Association (MRadA).

What are the categories of membership?

Associate Membership, £35 annual subscription (UK) and £45 (Overseas) – is for people not practising radionics but who are interested in receiving the quarterly journal and newsletter. For those practising radionics but not as a member qualified through the Association there is a non-voting category. Please contact the office for details.

Qualified Practicing Membership, £200 annual subscription (UK) and £120 (Overseas) is for those who have completed the professional, 3 year course with the Radionic Association and have obtained their M.Rad.A (Member of the Radionic Association). They appear on the Register of Practising Members and may also treat humans, animals, or soils and crops.
There is also a procedure called Article 8, see below.

Licentiate Membership, £100 (UK) and £60 (Overseas) is for students on the professional course who have passed their 18 month examinations and are allowed to practice under supervision of their tutors.

Fellows of the Association are Qualified Members who have submitted a thesis and contributed to advancing knowledge in radionics.