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Radionic Analytical Computer ASLD 95 design AK 12
I have a Radionic Analytical Computer ASLD 95 design AK 12 made in Mexico animationsprogramm kostenlos downloaden deutsch. I bought it 2 years ago. Now we have a homoeonic system for this and I am selling the AK 12. If you are interested in purchasing contact me. drmsaad71@gmail.comDr M Saad Pakistan
Homoeonic Computerized Systems
I have one homoeonic Computerized Systems for sale amazon music unlimited pc. Also have one manual equipment from the same company. Great price, contact Steward at (01/13)
Radionics Instrument
I have a radionics instrument which was built specially for me in the early 80’s download samsung kies german for free. Actually I have two of them, and I am looking to sell at least one of them, as I am practising other modalities and I am no longer using radionics. I am also in the process of simplifying my life by clearing my flat of anything which is not serving a good purpose herunterladen. These radionics machines are made in the traditional format with rows of dials, a rubbing plate and a sample well with colour light facilities.  My phone number is 020 7372 7206 (03/13)
Electronic Pneumatic Massager
Offers around £25.00 alle fotos von cloud herunterladen.   Contact The Radionic Association at or call 01869 338852. 004 (09/13)
The HUDET (Holistic Universal Distributor of Electrical Transmissions) from the Maperton Trust
The HUDET is a electromagnetic system which gives the person exactly what they need to enhance their health wiederherstellungsprogramm kostenlos downloaden deutsch. This can be achieved by physically connecting the individual by wrislets to the instrument, or by a remedy which can be made by the HUDET or at a distance by use of a witness herunterladen. The internal battery can be recharged by a mains adaptor which is provided. It is very simple to operate and comes with instructions. Please contact me for more information download aivc. cost is £170.00 or nearest offer and I can post it any where. Mohammed Shabir contact details: mobile: 07791530048;  email: (03/14)
The Revite
By The Maperton Trust.  A small device that transmutes harmful energies (from microwaves, mobile phones, V.D.U’s etc) into beneficial energies.  £25.00 Contact The Radionic Association at  Tel: 01869 338852 (09/15)
Malcolm Rae Cards
300 Malcolm Rae Cards 1975  Magento Geometric Applications (Original)  Please email for full list.  £575 with many books for sale.  Please enquire further.  Payment via BACS, PayPal or cash on collection. (09/15)