Patents – Radionic & Dowsing

Patents Relating to Radionics and Dowsing
by Tony Scofield

Since the Patent Office has gone on-line ( patents are now available over the Internet. The way to access them is through espacenet. The US Patent office is also on-line A number of patents from around the world are also available although not all are available as a full description. Some patents have ‘equivalents’ where they have been taken up in a number of countries.

A short list of ones I have located is published in the Radionic Journal but a larger list is available for download as an Adobe Acrobat file (see below). Locating relevant ones requires putting in the correct key-words and it is almost certain that there are others of interest that I have missed. I have only included those for which at least an English abstract is available and the titles of non-English texts are normally given in English. If readers know of others then please let me know, as I will add them to the list. Letters to the office at Baerlein House over the years are testament to interest, particularly for researchers, in the patents available. It is quite clear that by far and away the most common area for patents related to our dowsing interests is prevention of geopathic stress by interference with ‘earth rays’ or grids.

To access the patents go to and use the quick search facility to obtain the patent either by typing in the number (including the GB or other prefix) or some key words.The process is simpler than when I originally published the article and the instructions on the web site are clear.

The complete file is available as an Adobe Acrobat file) from this site

Updated 2nd May 2012

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