“Thank you so much for the Radionic Journal.  I cannot put it down. I found it very interesting especially the difference between the two bodies, mental and astral.  I didn’t realise I was one of your first clients – 16 years is a long time to listen to my problem. Thank you so much, I know Radionics has been my Saviour.”

KSJ, April 

“I have used radionics since I was a child for a variety of health issues and it is now very much part of my life. Often I have found that radionics can deal with a problem far more effectively than conventional medicine. The positive experiences I’ve had with using radionics now makes it my first port of call when I have a problem, and it often gives startlingly quick and clear results. For example, I suffer from eczema which I keep under control using radionics. The result of using radionics to combat eczema is much, much more effective than using steroid creams. Within a few days of starting treatment I can see a difference, and of course the treatment is far less invasive and without any of the negative side effects of conventional treatment. I’ve also found it really effective in treating allergic skin reactions like heat rash. Radionics can also point to the cause or source of a problem in a far more useful and insightful way than conventional means can.

Where I find radionics completely invaluable is in helping ease bouts of depression, stress and nervousness. For example, I’ve recently taken my university finals and radionics was a vital support in keeping me calm, and focussing my concentration.  In the build up to exams if I felt anxiety begin to overwhelm me I would contact my radionics practitioner and would almost instantaneously feel calmer and the physical symptoms of stress would be relieved.  I’ve also found radionics a reliable help in times of change and emotional upheaval. Not only does the treatment help me keep calm and balanced, knowing that there is someone who can help me at the end of a phone or an email in times of emotional stress is hugely reassuring.”                                           

I.W., April