Practitioners of radionics claim they can improve everything from allergies to kidney infections.

First cut a strand of hair from your head text bearbeitungs programm kostenlos downloaden. Next, fill in a questionnaire about your state of health and send it, with your hair, to an address on the other side of the country.

Then sit back and, while not exactly by return of post, you will in due course receive relief from whatever ailment is troubling you download the plug-in letter. It could come in the form of a pill or a potion, but it’s just as likely to come in the form of healing vibrations, transmitted from the person to whom you’ve sent your hair Download ps4 games to pc.

What is it? Magic? Witchcraft? A load of twaddle? No, it’s radionics, the largely unexplained art of healing someone you’ve never met, who is hundreds, even thousands of miles away fusion 360 german free of charge.

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