Report: Dowsing Day 2017 Posted May 24, 2017 by jennybutler


Our Dowsing Day was held alongside the School’s Spring Study Weekend at Sparsholt College.  A group of 19 people came to learn how to dowse and its possible applications slot machine kostenlos downloaden.

It was not long before everyone had determined their ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ reactions with a pendulum and soon moved on to the many displays arranged around the room.  Which fruit would be best for you?  Would a supplement help you and by how much?  There were also some party tricks such as which end of the matchbox were the heads?  or which glass contained fresh water and which was salty download ls 15 for free?

It was a pleasant day and after lunch the participants went outside in the extensive College grounds to experiment with dowsing rods looking for places with beneficial or negative energies governor of poker 2 vollversion kostenlos deutsch.

The day was rounded off with a final experiment to detect auras, first around trees and then human beings.  We also looked to see how the effect of colours influenced wellbeing download podcast apple.

A display of instruments was provided and it was explained how negative energies in a building can be removed by putting out a particular frequency microsoft outlook 2016 download kostenlos.

Several people went away to practise their new skill in time for enrolment on the next Access course in September.  Here they will learn how to make an analysis of a person’s health by dowsing the functioning of the subtle bodies, chakras and body systems and how to do basic treatments bab antrag onlineen.

Our two-part Access course: An Introduction to Radionics will be held at Sparsholt College, Winchester on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September 2017.  It is designed for newcomers, patients of radionic practitioners, complementary therapists and those wishing to train as professional radionic practitioners.  It is also the first step for those wishing to study the Soil and Crops Course videospiele herunterladen.


Further details are available by clicking here or from the Secretary at Baerlein House: Tel: +44 (0) 1869 338852 or Email: