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Our Spring Study Weekend was held at our usual venue of Sparsholt College, near Winchester. We had a busy weekend, which commenced on Friday afternoon with Diploma and Licentiate Assessments amazon playlist als mp3en.

We are delighted that Julia Conroy and Carol Stevenson successfully passed their Diploma Assessments and are now fully qualified Radionic Practitioners anti virus for free. Gisela Norman and Kathryn Palfrey were also successful in passing their Licentiate Assessments and will now move on to the second half of the course.

The Dowsing Day was led by Jacqueline Moore, with assistance from Tony Scofield, Julia Conroy and Carol Stevenson pic collage for free. The day is an excellent way of learning how to use a pendulum or rods to find out information that would not be otherwise available. Twelve students attended, some of whom have shown interest in taking it further by coming to the Introductory Weekend in September to learn the basics in radionics with a view to going on to follow the Diploma Course to qualify as practitioners google drive sicherung herunterladen.

Three student groups attended the weekend, covering various sessions on expanding radionic analysis methods and treatment. We were also very fortunate to meet Judy Hall, eminent author of many books including ‘The Crystal Bible’ vols 1-3 semesterticket herunterladen rub. Judy spent two hours on Saturday afternoon with all our students and tutors treating us to a hands-on workshop which included grounding, aura clearing and discussion on healing the family line with crystals download vob 2016 total edition pdf for free. She brought a vast array of crystals with her for us to ‘play’ with and talk about during a question and answer session. Our thanks go to Judy and Terri Celest who assisted her herunterladen.

Our many thanks go to all the tutors who made the weekend a success; Tony Scofield, Linda Fellows, Amanda Pratt, Carol Bamber-Judd, Jacqueline Moore, Julia Conroy and Carol Stevenson fantasy download a white boot for free.

The Autumn Study Weekend, in September, will be held on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th and welcomes new students who are joining us for our Introduction to Radionics course, which is designed for newcomers, patients of radionic practitioners, complementary therapists and those wishing to train as professional radionic practitioners foto's van iphone download op pc. Further details are available by clicking here or from:

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Ros Coombs & Gilly Lowe
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